Utwala club publicizes photo of woman spiking drinks and robbing men clean

Avery Lounge Utawala
A woman claimed t be spiking drinks at Avery Lounge in Utawala. [Photo: Courtesy]

Popular joint Avery Lounge in Utawala has released a photo of a woman conning men at the establishment by spiking their drinks.

The club’s management in a statement late Sunday via its social media pages said that she recently robbed a young man she hooked up with at the club.

The unknown lady had a merry time at the lounge in the company of a young man she met here.

They then left for his house where she stole his 65-inch TV, fridge and money.

Here is Avery Lounge’s statement:

“Avery Lounge has registered a police complaint on behalf of one of our clients, against this evil doer. She drugged (mchele) the client and stole the following items:

  1. TV 65″
  2. Mpesa 130,000
  3. 50,000 from Equity eazzy banking
  4. Fridge

Police are in hot pursuit of her, any information about her whereabouts will be highly appreciated.”

Cases of woman spiking drinks for unsuspecting revellers have been on the increase in the recent past. In the last three months, these cases have been reported in Kiambu. Kirinyaga and Nyeri counties.

Drink spiking has been a common trend in Kenyan drinking joints. Usually, women are involved in this business.

A spiked drink stupefies the victim. Most of them spike drinks to rob the unsuspecting reveler.

The most common drug used to spike drinks is Rohypnol known in Kenyan slang as “mchele”. It is colorless and has no odour which is why ‘spiking queens’ use it for their criminal activities.

In chemists, it will retail at between Ksh850-Ksh950. The drugs can also be purchased from online chemists.

In their powder form, they can be mixed with a drink or even in foods. Some twilight girls in the business of robbing unsuspecting clients rub it on their breast and when sucked, it comes to effect.

An overdose of the drug can lead to death. It induces sleep for more than 12 hours and starts working after 20 minutes of ingesting it.