August 23, 2019

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How Nairobi River lost the pollution battle

August 19, 2019
Fish and other aquatic life used to thrive here. Not anymore. Today, the smelly sludge that is the Nairobi River would hardly pass for water. It is dark, oily, putrid and the most abused water ....

At least 57 killed in Tanzania fuel tanker blast

August 10, 2019
At least 57 people have been killed in a fuel tanker explosion in Tanzania, police say. Pictures posted online show flaming wreckage scattered over a wide area and charred bodies lying on the ground. Unconfirmed ....

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Sh300bn Turkana oil deal to remain secret

June 26, 2019
Kenya has signed a deal with Turkana oil exploration firms that will see them source up to Sh300 billion ($3 billion) funding from international financiers, but Petroleum Secretary John Munyes says the agreement will be ....