10 years in Saudi Arabia; Alice Muturi came back to Kenya a millionaire

Alice Muturi
Alice Muturi. [Photo: Courtesy]

Alice Muturi is another Kenyan with a success story from Saudi Arabia after hard labor of 10 years.

It is a story of hope that started with pain at her Ichaweri home in Gatundu South.

She dropped out of primary school after getting pregnant with her firstborn. This was the end of education for her little did she know that her life’s struggle would end up in a success story.

A single mother of three, life was not easy for her. But, her late mother was always there to take care of her three children while she tried her hand in many jobs to make ends meet.

In 2009, she told Kirathi Gia Carol Kinyugo Mwaura on a YouTube that a friend asked her if she would like to travel to Saudi Arabia to make more money. It was a good deal for her.

She would finally secure the future of her three children, who had no other person to look up to except her.

Sadly, she lost her mother a week before flying to Saudi, but this did not dampen her spirit to make it on the side of the world.

In the first two years of her stay in Saudi, she built a house in fulfilling a promise she had made to her mother a day before she died that she would build her a house after her travel to Saudi Arabia.

With a salary of Ksh20,000, she and her son, who was 25 years old then, managed to build an empire in the 10 years she stayed in Saudi.

She says she got smart and escaped from her former employers, paying her only Ksh20,000 in Dammam. Her friends had asked her to consider moving to Riyadh, where she would make at least Ksh60,000 every month.

And for the rest of her stay in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, Muturi made Ksh3,000 daily.

One of her employers hooked her up with jobs from seven of her family members for the next eight years, and this changed her life.

“She got me seven people from her family. I earned Ksh3,000 everyday…God gave me favour I earned from those homes for 10 years in one family,” she says.

Muturi has two plots of land fully developed. His son lives in one of them while she lives in the other house where she is doing poultry and pig farming.

Her son invested wisely and bought a car which is a public service vehicle. She also one a mini-van and a tuk tuk working as PSVs.

And for the love of a personal car, Muturi cruises in a brand new Toyota Fielder purchased at Ksh1.4 million after her return from Saudi in 2019.