13 years with master’s, First Class Honours, Isaac Oritcho is jobless for being ‘overqualified’

Isaac Hague Orticho
Isaac Hague Orticho. [Photo: k24]

When one graduates top of their class from a reputable university, there are high expectations of landing a good job but Isaac Hague Oritcho knows this is not always the case.

Oritcho, 37, has never secured a job since graduating from the University of Nairobi with First Class Honours in Food Science and Technology.

He won a scholarship from the varsity and pursued his master’s in Applied Nutrition but this was not enough for him to secure a job.

Instead, he says that it works against him.

“I didn’t know that my hard work would one day betray me,” he told K24 in an interview.

Oritcho worked hard in school to get a good future but all the sacrifice he made seems to have gone down the drain.

He has made at least 1000 applications in the last 13 years but never secured a job on grounds that he is “over-qualified”.

“In the unlimited applications I have made ever since I graduated I have been turned down mostly for over qualifications or lack of job which to me is very strange,” he says.

He has bile memories of his short teaching career at the Masinde Muliro University where he only taught for one semester and was never paid.

Oritcho has given up on the matter because he has no money to pay a lawyer to follow up on his case.

“I don’t know if I am being punished for being a genius… Indeed the world can sometimes be unfair,” he noted.

The tribulations he has been through has made him flirt with suicidal ideas saying he has lost hope in life.

He sees death as the only thing that will end his suffering after 13 years of a futile job search yet he excelled academically.

“Sometimes I think death is the only solution for me, especially that I don’t see a chance of living. Not once, not twice have I thought of taking rat rat to take away my life because after death there is no suffering. I have suffered a lot,” Orticho remarked.