170,000 Green Card holders affected by Trump’s order on work visas

US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump. [Photo Courtesy]

If you are looking forward to travelling the US post-COVID-19 through a work visa or Green Card, you may have to wait until 2021.

This follows the signing of an executive order on Monday President Donald Trump suspending the issuance of a number of employment-based visas through the end of 2020 by.

“Temporary workers are often accompanied by their spouses and children, many of whom also compete against American workers. Under ordinary circumstances, properly administered temporary worker programs can provide benefits to the economy,” read the order according to Xinhua.

“But under the extraordinary circumstances of the economic contraction resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak, certain non-immigrant visa programs authorizing such employment pose an unusual threat to the employment of American workers,” the order adds in part.

The H-1B visa granted to those seeking to work in the technology industry for a period of six years has been suspended as well as H-2B visas for short-term seasonal workers, H-4 visas for spouses of H-1B visa holders, L-1 visas for executives transferring to the US from positions abroad with the same employer, as well as certain J-1 visas which are given to researchers, scholars and other specialised categories.

About 525,000 people get to the US every year on employment-related visa according to the American Immigration Council.

The Wall Street Journal adds that 170,000 Green Card holders have also been restricted from entering the US since April.

However, the executive order exempts healthcare workers with their area of specialization being treating and researching coronavirus.

Others who have been exempted are workers in the food supply chain particularly those working in seafood and food packaging sectors.