19-year-old Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo bags ambassadorial job with Rihanna’s Fenty

Elsa Majimbo
Elsa Majimbo, a 19-year-old comedian. [Photo: Courtesy]

When 19-year-old Elsa Majimbo decided to take her comedy to Instagram and Twitter following a nationwide lockdown in March, she knew not that it was the start of a beautiful journey.

It was unknown to the young comedian that she would one day bag an ambassadorial job with Fenty, an enterprise owned by America’s pop star Rihanna.

Her role involves showcasing Fenty’s branded glasses.

“Weekend antics with Kenyan comic Elsa Majimbo wearing every shade of FENTY. Happy Sunday everyone,” Fenty’s tweeted on Sunday.

In a thankful note, she tweeted back: “My 19 year old self literally got a chance to work with @FentyOfficial. I’m so proud!!!! Thanking the Fenty fam they’ve been so amazing and Rihanna for this amazing brand !”

Majimbo is a Kenyan student currently pursuing journalism and has been featured by top publications in the world among them The Guardian, New York Times, CNN among others.

Her internet sensation status ruffled feathers with her father as she picks the most contentious of debates and mockingly adds humour and satire and the aftermath is a huge following on her social media pages.

However, her father disapproves some of her content and since she loves it too much, he has had to stay away from her social media handles for the sake of peace.

“My dad said, ‘This is not how a Christian girl in a Christian home behaves,’ and I tried to explain that it’s meant to be funny. He said, ‘I don’t see anything funny here, stop making videos of this nature immediately.” she told the New York Times at a past interview.

Majimbo rose to stardom weeks after the lockdown in March when she posted a video where she hilariously but mockingly gave an account of her moments in isolation.

“Ever since corona started, we’ve all been in isolation, and I like, miss no one…Why am I missing you? There is no reason for me to miss you… do I pay your rent? Do I provide food for you? Why are you missing me,” she said, laughing in the middle of munching a crunchy potato crisp and topped it with some laughter.

What followed next was re-sharing of the video ending up garnering more than 250,000 views from users across Africa.  

Her quirky humour videos have opened her eyes and she says that he sees her future in a different way from what she once saw it when she decided to pursue a career in journalism.

“I think the career I wanted before is not what I want now. A lot of things have changed, I’ve been able to find myself in a way I hadn’t before,” she further told the New York Times.