21 law graduates asked to go back to high school before being allowed to join Kenya School of Law (KSL)

The Kenya School of Law (KSL). [Photo courtesy]

The Kenya School of Law (KSL) has dealt a blow to 21 law graduates who studied under International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Kenya and Uganda

KSL directed the 21 law graduates to go back to secondary school noting that they failed in meeting the course requirement although they got admitted to the university and studied law.

The decision by KSL came after the students failed to attach their A-level certificates and clearance letters from Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) last year when they sought to be admitted at the Kenya School of Law.

Of the 21 affected students, seven of them moved to the High Court to challenge KSL’s directive.

However, the court in its orders on the matter directed them to hand their IGCSE, GSCE and GCE certificates together with clearance letters.

In the IGCSE programme, one must have attained three principals of C in the final exam which the students failed to meet as some had just one Principal of C in the required subjects.

This means that they only merited to be admitted for a diploma in law and not a bachelor’s degree in law as is the case, a fact that KNQA Director-General Juma Mukhwana agreed to.