24-year-old mother in Dagoretti kills two sons after husband remarries

Diana Kibisi
Diana Kibisi. [Photo: Courtesy]

Waithaka residents in Dagoretti South are yet to come to terms with a neighbor who killed her two sons and reported herself at the Waithaka Divisional office.

The young mother, Diana Kibisi, reportedly strangled her two sons – Sydney Miheso and Miracle Miheso – aged 4 and 2 years respectively on Sunday.

Diana, 24, called her husband and informed him what she did before reporting to the nearest police post in Waithaka.

Isaac Kharani, a Jerusalem estate resident in Waithaka, said they visited her house and found the two boys lying on the bed but were dead.

Carol Miheso, her sister-in-law, says all was fine with Diana and her children.

She says Diana cleaned her sons and then went under a ‘demonic fit’ that she grabbed both of them by the neck and strangled them.

Carol said Diana regrets and did not know what she did until her last born son screamed so loud that she realized what she did.

“The scream that baby Destiny screamed is what opened her eyes; that is her narration. I just talked to her right now, and she is in regret. She’s been crying all along,” Carol told the press outside Kabete Police Station, where Carol was locked up on Monday.

The family says Diana and her husband had a troubled marriage. She confided in a neighbor that her husband had remarried.

Her mother-in-law was in Nairobi for a traditional ceremony of shaving her grandchild upon attaining five months.

During the event, Diana, who was present, was unhappy that her husband went ahead to marry a second wife.

Her mother-in-law said that she asked her to be strong and come to terms with it.

Moments after, she strangled her three sons in what pundits say could have been an extreme case of depression.