50-year-old man dies ‘in the line of duty’ in Maragua lodging

Maragua Lodging
Maragua Lodging. [Photo: Courstesy]

A 50-year-old man lost his life at a lodging in Maragua when making merry with another woman.

According to Mary Mwende, she was in the lodging with the deceased.

She went to the bathroom for a quick shower, ready for another round of making merry when she heard the man let out a scream.

He groaned in pain and then passed out. He died shortly after that.

Police who visited the scene said that they found sex-enhancing pills in the room and a used condom.

His body was taken to the morgue pending a postmortem to ascertain the cause of death.

This is not the first case reported of a man dying from these drugs, commonly referred to as Viagra.

According to Psychology Today, Viagra has killed thousands of people around the world.

When used in massive doses by men without heart conditions, the drug used for treating heart-related diseases increases their blood pressure, leading to a severe heart attack.

In some other cases, it leads to mini-stroke or blindness coupled with hearing loss.

Viagra also manifests other side effects such as mild headache, back pain, and stomach upsets.

Smoking, obesity, alcohol abuse, and ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high levels of cholesterol increase death risk when one takes Viagra.