52 Al-shaabab insurgents killed after KDF’s Friday attack on Badhaadhe camp in Juba

By Pharis Kinyua: Jamhuri News

The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) has killed 52 al-Shabaab militants in their Badhaadhe camp in lower Juba region.

Others, however, managed to escape with injuries they sustained during the attack.

The Kenyan soldiers conducted the offensive after surveillance by the military indicated that Al-Shabaabb militia men were highly populated in the region.

“The intelligence led operations was executed after surveillance assets sighted Al-Shabaab terrorists concentration in the location,” read a statement by spokesman Joseph Owuoth.

Seven AK47 rifles, one gun, two phones, 104 bullets, 3 IEDs and an assorted IED making material are among a cache of deadly arsenal recovered by KDF during the Friday raid.

KDF has launched a series of attacks on the outlawed militia group in the past few weeks.

A week ago, KDF destroyed an al-shaabab camp located at West Catamaa killing 15 insurgents.

Last month, March 2, KDF again, killed 57 insurgents near Afmadow in Somalia.

The spokesman said KDF will ensure that they wipe out al-shaabab.