54 countries ban Kenyan passport holders in the wake of travel restrictions

The new Kenyan E-passport. [Photo Wikipedia]

Travel for Kenyan passport holders is under threat, with 54 countries locking them out due to a ban on Covid-19.

According to the Henley Passport Index monitoring the most friendly passports globally, the pandemic has caused it all.

A Kenyan passport holder has been banned from entering nations like Australia, Cambodia, UK, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Argentina, Canada, Singapore, and Portugal, among others.

Other countries where restrictions have been imposed on the Kenya passport include Cameroon, Cyprus, Chile, China, Czech Republic, and Bangladesh.

“Borders remain firmly closed in several countries, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, while many others continue to ban travelers from high-risk regions,” says the Henley & Partners report according to Business Daily.

This comes as Kenya stares at a deadly Covid-19 fourth wave stemming from the deadly Indian variant.

The Kenyan Health Ministry issued an alert warning that the Delta variant is looming in a fourth wave likely to burst in the next two months.

In the past few weeks, the Delta variant was detected in Western Kenya and Nyanza regions where travel restrictions and containment measures have been heightened.

In December, the number of countries that Kenyans can visit without a visa dropped from 79 to 59 this year, all informed by travel restrictions.

The number is measured against countries that a person holding a Kenyan passport can visit without having a visa or the nations where they can get a visa on arrival or get it electronically.

In Africa, the Kenyan passport strength went down from 9th position to 11th position.