June 20, 2018

70yr old man dies after two days in line for Sh.2k government stipend

BY Jamhuri News Reporter

A 70-year-old man died Tuesday in Garissa after waiting two days in line for a government stipend paid to the elderly, disabled and the poor.

The family of the late Keinan said he had a physical disability and was suffering from hypertension. He had traveled a long distance to Mataarba village in Garissa to receive his share of the money.

The stipend is paid by the government and is channeled through local banks. The man collapsed after reaching the bank teller who told him that his name was not listed among the registered persons.

According to the deceased’s family, Keinan had queued for two days with other thousands of people who waited to get their four months total of Sh.8,000 accumulation.

”The old man started sweating profusely, collapsed and died on his way to Garissa Level 5 hospital” said Hasan his son, as quoted by Nation Media.

Hasan also told the media that his dad had complained of palpitation while waiting in the long line. He added that his dad had borrowed Sh. 2,000 from a local shopkeeper and had promised to repay when he received his stipend from the bank.

The chairman of people with disabilities, Abass Haji complained of increased inconveniences in the service after the government stopped channeling the funds through post offices, and called asked the government to revert to the old process.