90 kids, 2 preachers arrested over terror links by FBI, Scotland Yard in Mombasa

Coat Regional headquarters where 90 children arrested at a madrassa centre are being held. []

A terror cell that has been operating as a madrassa centre in in Likoni, Mombasa has been shut down by detectives from FBI and Scotland Yard.

The detectives in close working with their Kenyan counterparts raided the premises where they arrested two Islamic preachers from the Al Madrasatul Falan cell more than 90 children.

The children who are as young as five years are from different countries including the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Saudia Arabia, Somalia, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya.

They were taken to Coast Regional Headquarters where they are being questioned.

The two Islamic preachers were handed over to Anti-Terrorism unit for questioning.

One of the detectives who led the covert operation told the Star that the UK is more interested in one of the captives of Syrian origin.

The 20-year old is said to be an Islamic State (IS) member. He was sent to Kenya by his parents and he has valid travel documents.

“He was sent to the country as part of the punishment,” the senior detective told the Star.

UK’s Scotland Yard contacted Interpol and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation to trace the suspect.

The 20-year old is of special interest to the UK given that there has been an upsurge of terror bombings in the recent past.

Most of the terror suspects are from Syria or Iraq.

The kids of foreign nationality will be repatriated.

“Kenyans will be handed back to the parents after intensive interrogation over any torture.”

An officer in charge of anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit stationed at Mombasa DCIO, Grace Ndirangu said they 90 kids were being mistreated.

The Madrassa centre had boarding facilities.

“We received two cases of child abuse from the parents and decided to conduct an operation. They will be interrogated and profiled before they can be released back to the family,” she said.