African Coffee Club looks to change how coffee lovers receive their coffee

African Coffee.

There is no doubt Americans love coffee. In an article posted by Huff post, the United States imports more than $4 billion dollars’ worth of coffee each year. This is because Americans consume 400 million cups of Coffee every day, which translates to 146 billion cups of coffee every year.

Majority of those who consume coffee like to brew their coffee. It is imperative as such, to get the best coffee beans available in the market. Nothing beats the notion of starting the day on a high gear than with some fine tasting Arabica coffee with floral notes! Getting the best coffee is not a problem, more so now that people are moving to the idea of subscription boxes. African Coffee Club, a coffee subscription club in California is looking to change how coffee lovers receive their coffee.

African Coffee Club (ACC) is your go-to place to buy premium Arabica coffee at an affordable price. You will have the chance to try new coffee from different regions in Africa every month. Coffee from countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, among others, is highly regarded because it is grown in high altitude areas which adds floral notes to the beans. Majority of the farms are small in size and the coffee goes through hand-drying, allowing the original flavor and aroma to remain in the beans.

Why With African Coffee Club.

African Coffee Club sources premium single origin coffee from farms in all parts of Africa. Each month features 12 ounces of freshly-roasted Arabica coffee from a specific African region, flavor notes, a postcard, and brewing tips. Just imagine Africa’s finest, premium coffee delivered fresh to your door.

Think of African Coffee Club as your tour guide to the amazing continent of Africa. We will send you amazing and exotic coffees you can’t find anywhere, online or on the shelf. The monthly releases are limited, so you better get yours while stocks last!

This is a new way of telling the African story, through coffee. Mind you, coffee originated from Ethiopia many centuries ago. Truly speaking, Africa is the cradle of mankind! It is only we, the Africans who best can tell the African story.

This month, African Coffee Club is featuring the Mokamba brand of coffee from Ethiopia.

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