After quitting Inooro TV, Muthoni wa Mukiri confesses earning Ksh65,000 from YouTube

Muthoni wa Mukiri
Muthoni wa Mukiri. [Photo: Courtesy]

Her beauty, charm and good mastery of the Kikuyu language made Muthoni wa Mukiri a darling for Inooro TV fans.

Coupled with the enviable chemistry she enjoyed with her co-anchor Ken Wakuraya, she quickly became a loved screen siren in Kikuyu land where Inooro TV enjoys dominance.

Then came her decision to leave the station after five years. It shocked many.

There were a lot of questions asked when she broke the news of her departure from the Royal Media-owned station in December 2020.

“It’s been an amazing five years, but my journey at Inooro TV has come to an end. I want to thank you my fans, my supporters, my friends and everyone who has supported me during that journey. I will miss you dearly,” she informed her fans on December 18, 2020.

She said that she was out to write her other chapter. Soon enough, she channelled her energies to her YouTube channel as a full-time YouTuber.

Since then, she has a lot of content on her page about relationships. She has 46,500 YouTube subscribers.

Recently, she baffled Kenyans after telling them how much she has earned from the channel within the year. 

Muthoni who recently got engaged did not shy away from telling her fans that she earned Ksh65,000 in March from her YouTube content.

 She has also earned lower amounts of money.

“The most money I have made in a month on YouTube was in March when I made Sh. 65,000. The other months I made Sh. 35,000, Sh. 20,000 and I have also made Sh. 12,000,” she said.

She encouraged those looking to starting a YouTube channel and monetize it that they could make to highs of a million shillings and above as long the content is good with a solid following.

“You can even make Sh. 1 million per month, you can also make Sh. 10,000. It is not consistent and that’s why you should not quit your daily income to focus on YouTube. People with very many subscribers get to a point where they are making Sh. 1 million a month or Sh. 500,000 but you have to start from somewhere,” she advised.

Besides her YouTube channel, Muthoni runs a successful hair parlour dealing in exotic weaves and human hair. It is a multi-million-shilling business that she established while back at Inooro TV.