Ainea Ojiambo, actor involved in CBD shooting is a private military contractor

Ainea Ojiambo
Ainea Ojiambo. [Photo: Courtesy]

When two thugs pounced on revered actor Ainea Ojiambo along Moi Avenue in Nairobi, they thought he was just an ordinary citizen.

It was not until he fought them off and discharged his firearm that they scampered for safety that they realized he was the wrong guy to mess up with.

Two bullets that he fired killed a security guard instantly while another passerby was hit by another stray bullet.

Ojiambo who has starred in several films such as Jack Zollo, Bullion among others is a Private Military contractor at European Security Academy.

Besides film, he runs a security management firm.

“I have done a course on Close Protection and I am a member of International Bodyguard Association (IBA). I have training in Counter-terror and Private Military contractor at European Security Academy and a Certificate in Weapons and Tactics for High-Risk Environment.

“I am also experienced in Individual Battle Handling tactics with the elite forces Recce Coy and NGAO Kenya,” Ojiambo’s profile reads on LinkedIn.

Having trained with IBA, he is considered a professional in the security industry.

IBA is internationally recognized and has its presence in over 50 countries. His training earned him membership with the International Police Organisation (IPO).

Police are investigating the incident that was captured by a CCTV camera in one of the shops along Moi Avenue.