Al-Shabaab strikes police base in Garissa with rocket-propelled grenade

Police on patrol in Garissa in the past. [Photo: Capital FM]

A police base in Garissa was on Wednesday destroyed as suspected Al-Shabaab militants raided its armoury.

This left one of the police officers at the base with serious injuries as police officers from Amuma Border Patrol Unit responded swiftly.

The exchange of fire between the police and the militiamen lasted for 15 minutes. The gun men are said to have fired a rocket propelled grenade at the base’s armoury and destroyed it.

According to a police report from Hagadera Police Station, Daily Nation reports, the Amuma Border Patrol Unit “received information from our officers based at Amuma BPU camp that, while in their camp, they heard gunshots coming from direction of Amuma police patrol base which is about 100 metres from their camp.”

Police Constable Jarso Golo was left with serious gunshot wounds after he was shot at three times.

Another police officer, Constable Fredrick Okwiri has since been missing following the invasion by the suspected Al-shabaab militia.

“PC Jarso was shot three times in the right elbow and in the back while PC Okwiri could not be accounted for. Plans are being made to take the injured officer to Hagadera IRC Hospital for treatment,” reads a police report seen by the Nation.

Besides the destruction of the base’s armoury, a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle belonging to the police had all four tyres deflated.

The latest incident has been seen as a highly-planned terrorist operation which a day before, left nine GSU officers with injuries after a lorry they were travelling in hit a home-made bomb in Jabibar, Mandera County.