Always thank God, journalist sacked by Citizen TV on his birthday tells Kenyans

Makori Ongechi
Makori Ongechi. [Photo: Courtesy]

You would expect positive vibes on your birthday but the opposite happened or Makori Ongechi, a former journalist with Citizen TV who was fired on the eve of his birthday.

Ongechi was turning a year older and his professional career as a TV journalist has already shone, all he needed was to continue doing his thing.

Sadly, his contract was not renewed by the Royal Media Services-owned station.

Expressing his disappointment, Ongechi said that all he hoped was that he would leave a legacy of how a poor hardworking boy from Kisii where he was born and bred made it to become an international icon.

He described his sacking as a big blow to the dreams his parents had of him.

“I had a big vision. I was just beginning wanted to tell the story of a poor boy from Kisii to the world. I needed guidance. I needed direction. But instead, my vision and the aspirations of my parents were strategically cut short on the eve of my birthday!” his tweet read.

In a separate tweet, he said one of the lessons he has learnt about life is to always give thanks in every situation.

“If there’s sth (sic) I have learnt on my birthday, today is that in everything, Give thanks to God Almighty,” Ongechi said.

Sources within the station say that junior employees are apprehensive that they could be shown the door upon expiration of their contracts.

Ongechi is yet to communicate on his next move after his exit from Citizen TV.