American citizen Bashir Mahmoud goes missing in Kenya in unclear circumstances

Bashir Mahmoud
Bashir Mahmoud. [Photo: Courtesy]

Questions emerge on the whereabouts of Bashir Mahmoud, an American citizen with business interests in Kenya.

He was last seen leaving Mialle Lounge in Lavington, Nairobi on May 13. He has not been seen since then.

In CCTV footage captured at the lounge, he was seen dishing money to guards before driving out of the premises.

His posh Range Rover vehicle was on Tuesday found burnt down at Ngong Forest.

According to Nuru Said, Mahmoud’s lawyer, he was at Mialle for a meeting that never took place.

“He was supposed to go meet a couple of people there but the meeting didn’t materialize,” the lawyer said.

His disappearance on the eve of Eid-Ul -Fittr triggered panic among his kind who reported the issue at Muthangari Police Station.

Police reports according to Citizen TV indicate that a dealer in posh cars raised an alarm when he saw the vehicle in Kibiko area of Ngong Forest up in smoke.

When police officers from Kibiko Police Post got to the scene, the vehicle was already burned and only the shell was smoking.

What has now raised eyebrows is that the shell was carted away before police returned to the scene to conduct a forensic investigation at the scene.

Those who carted away the vehicle remain unknown.

Nuru says that they will be writing to the US Embassy in Nairobi for intervention.

“With Bashir being a US Citizen, we will also be writing to the embassy so that they can intervene,” he said.

Mahmoud was a contractor who has rubbed shoulder with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. He has met both leaders in the past.

He has executed key government projects such as the Uhuru Business Park in Kisumu.