American filmed insulting, threatening Kenyans deported – US Embassy Nairobi

US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter. [Photo courtesy]

An American who was last week filmed hurling insults at Kenyans threatening to kill them in one of Nairobi’s estates has been deported.

The unidentified man was captured in an undated amateur video outside an apartment in Nairobi hurling insults to a group of people outside the gate. The irate group, however, restrained from attacking him even as he went gaga with insults at them.

The US Embassy in Nairobi in a statement by US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter last week said that the American national was deported due to his unacceptable behavior.

“The young man has left the country. His behavior was unacceptable. I am not able to say any more. Only Pole!” McCarter said in a tweet.

He was responding to a tweep who asked the ambassador what the embassy was doing in regard to the case.

Sources say that the foreign national had been conducting illegal business and was cornered by angry Kenyans.

In the clip that did rounds on social media for days, the US national makes a call to an unknown person as a mob frantically tries to gain access to the apartment.

From his conversation, he says that he is in danger adding that a group of people is after him after blaming him for the death of George Floyd who was killed by Minneapolis police last month.

 “Get me outta here, I’m being killed by a mob of people, they are blaming me for the death of George Floyd, they are all blaming me for the death of George Floyd,” he says hysterically.

During this melee, the guards at the apartment notified the police who arrived at the scene.

Not much has been said about the illegal business he was involved in.