America’s beauty queen Ms Black Wisconsin visits widows in Kisumu

Keerah carter
Ms Black Wisconsin Keerah Carter. [Photo: Star]

All the way from Wisconsin in the US, 28-year-old Keerah Carter has made it her business to empower widows and you girls from Kisumu County.

Keerah successfully contested and was crowned Ms Black Wisconsin in September this year. Her victory has now turned her attention to run for Ms Black America in 2021.

Her trip to Kenya took her to the Widows Training Centre which is an initiative funded by her family together with the Andre Patrice Carter Foundation in Ngere Kagoro village, Muhoroni sub-county.

At the initiative’s centre, she presided over a tree-planting ceremony.

In her speech, she stated that in Kenya, widows and young girls go through a lot of challenges and it requires concerted efforts by everyone to help them overcome hard times.

Keerah noted that the biggest hurdle for widows is becoming self-reliant and gaining skills which can help then bring some income.

She urged the community to join hands and help widows gain entrepreneurial skills on courses such as tailoring, hairdressing and handicraft.

Keerah averred that in her quest to become Ms Black America in 2021, she will be looking forward to helping those who are vulnerable.

As for young girls whose life’s journey is dogged by all manner of challenges, Keerah advised them to stay focused and committed in their studies.

“With God everything is possible. You just have to be focused and committed to your objectives. Be dedicated and you will achieve whatever you desire,” she said.

Jane Ayoo, the chairperson of Tintoler Community-Based Organisation thanked Keerah for the support through her family.

“Amongst us, there are those who became widows at a younger age. We thank Andre Carter for the support. She’s a godsend,” Ayoo remarked.

“She has shown us how to fish for ourselves and now it is a challenge to us to be hardworking and innovative,” she added.