Angry mob strips suspected female con artist in Embu

The suspected con artists after a beating by a mob in Embu. []

There was drama in Embu when irate residents pounced on two people suspected to be running a fake money racket in the town.

The two, a man and a woman; Geoffrey Kamau Maina, 32 and Elizabeth Wanjiru Kamau, 29 and a third unidentified person were pounced on trying to deposit Sh50, 000 at an M-Pesa shop at Miraa Market in Embu.

But the M-Pesa attendant Faith Wambui questioned the authenticity of the fake notes and raised alarm.

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They snatched 31, 000 and tried to flee and tossed the notes in the air to confuse the residents but the two, Wanjiru and Kamau did not flee. The third accomplice managed to get away.

They were cornered and beaten up mercilessly before Wanjiru was stripped and beaten more with assorted crude weapons.

Embu West DCIO George Etyang said police quickly arrived at the scene and saved the two from the mob’s wrath.

They were rushed to hospital where they were treated for multiple injuries sustained from the mob beating.

A car which they were travelling in was also looted by the mob as it had more cash. It is not yet known if the money in it was authentic or fake.

The car was later towed to Embu Police station. Etyang said the two claim to be from Nyandarua but they are yet to fully verify this.

“They are saying they are from Nyandarua but we have not yet confirmed since they didn’t have identification documents,” said the DCIO according to Nairobi News.

They are expected to be arraigned in court on Tuesday.