Are the gods against Echesa after his re-arrest? Who does he turn to?

Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa (c). [Source/The Star]

The woes befalling former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa seem far from over after a contingent of police officers raided his Karen home on Monday and re-arrested him.

Besides his re-arrest, police seized five of his vehicles before whisking him to DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road for questioning on the ownership of the sleek Toyota V8, Volkswagen Passat, Ford, and Mercedes Benz E-Class.

In a five-hour search at his house, police scouted for sale agreements, logbooks and sale receipts as proof of ownership documents.

Police sources said that the case was revived following claims that the cars belonged to one of his deceased friends which he allegedly obtained fraudulently.

According to the Star, the wife to Echesa’s deceased friend filed the case at the Kiambu Law Courts prompting police officers to conduct a raid in his home.

In a rejoinder though, Echesa said that his arrest was politically motivated.

His lawyer Brian Khaemba condemned the manner in which Echesa was arrested saying that seizing all the five vehicles was uncalled for as only one of the cars – Toyota Landcruiser V8 – was under tussle.

“There is a complaint at the DCI that Echesa had obtained registration of a certain mort vehicle falsely. That there is a lady who had lodged complaint with the DCI, so they went to court and obtained a search warrant. They have combed through all the documents and recovered sale agreements and logbooks,” Khaemba stated.

He added that Echesa legally acquired all his vehicles and that he paid for them in the presence of his lawyers.

Khaemba added that the matter in question had been addressed by the National Assembly during his vetting as cabinet nominee.

His re-arrest comes a while after he was arrested in connection to Sh40 billion fake military tender and was released on a cash bail of Sh2 billion.