Ashanti refutes claims she contracted COVID-19 during Kenyan vacation

Ashanti Douglas
RnB star Ashanti. [Photo: courtesy]

A few days after Ashanti, American RnB superstar revealed she tested positive for COVID-19 after returning to the US from a vacation in Kenya, she has set the record straight.

Ashanti on Saturday revealed that it was a big shock for her to test positive for COVID-19 adding that “never in a million years did I think I would get Covid.”

In an Instagram post she said that “I tested positive for Covid-19. I’m ok and not in any pain. I’m actually down to do the verzuz from my house… we’re trying to figure it all out.”

On Monday, she posted another video on her social media pages saying that contrary to popular opinion that she contracted the virus during her Kenyan trip, it is not the case.

The “Never Should Have” singer said that she contracted the virus from a family member back in the US.

“People thought that ohh you shouldn’t be travelling. No, it did not come from travelling, it came from a family member who gave my house too. Where I thought I was supposed to be safe,” she stated.

She added that she has no regrets on visiting Africa because she had a moment of a lifetime which she summed up as “a blast in Africa”.

Ashanti arrived in Kenya on December 7 and headed to the Hemingways Hotels from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Hemingways is a five-star hotel which she affectionately praised for the good services she was offered throughout her stay.

Ashanti then toured the vast Nairobi National Park where she was fascinated with the game viewing escapade the park has to offer.

She also explored the park’s nature trails in the company of tour guides whom she greatly thanked.

Following her visit to the Nairobi National Park, a senior warden said that Ashanti joins a list of international celebrities who have toured the park secretly in the past few months.

Their trips have been organized covertly by Kenyan tour companies.