Attorney-General’s salary cut by half after Githu Muigai’s exit

Attorney-General Prof Githu Muigai []

The exit of immediate former Attorney-General Prof Githnu Muigai has seen the pay for his successor Paul Kihara cut by more than half.

In the past years, Prof Muigai was one of Kenya’s best paid public servant. He earned Sh2.7 million salary every month.

According Business Daily to Treasury documents, the AG’s basic salary and allowances have been cut from the previous and current Sh32.9 million per year to Sh14.9 million per year starting this year in January.

Overall, this is a 54 per cent drop.

The new AG took was sworn in to office in March after Prof Muigai’s resignation. He has served for six years at the State Law Office.

From the Treasury documents, Kihara’s pay perks will amount to Sh1.24 million.

Prof Muigai whoi was enevied by many due to his astute mastery of was extended a non-practicing allowance given he came from private legal practice and the lecture room.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) guidelines during Prof Muigai’s six-year stint as the AG put the monthly salary of the AG at between Sh792,000 and Sh1,056,000.

However, the former AG was exception of SRC’s pay structure because it stipulated that State officers whose pay had been set before the commission was established would continue enjoying the high pay.

With his Sh2.7 million, the AG was earning more than the President who salary is capped at between Sh1.23 million and Sh1.65 million.