AU asks Kenyans to accept Friday’s Supreme Court verdict on Presidential petition

The AU during a past meeting. []

The African Union has made a clarion call to all Kenyans asking them to accept Friday’s ruling by by the Supreme Court on NASA election petition.

AU’s Peace and Security Council said Kenyans have a duty to unequivocally uphold the anticipated ruling by the seven Supreme Court Judges.

It also hailed opposition’s move to file an election petition.

“The Council recognized the fact that the aggrieved political parties resorted to established legal channels and mechanisms as provided for in the Constitution of Kenya to address contentious issues on the outcomes of the election of August 8 2017,” read a statement from the Council’s headquarters in Addis Ababa on Wednesday as quoted by Daily Nation.

The Council lauded the Supreme Court for taking up the petition with due diligence.

“In this context, the Council commended the Supreme Court of Kenya for having seized the matter.”

The AU peace and Security organ also hailed Kenyans for conducting the polls peacefully.

The Council had earlier warned politicians and political parties against issuing inflammatory statements that could lead to election violence.

It directed that aggrieved parties should lodge their complaints with dully established legal channels.

“Council recalled its Communique of its 713th meeting held on August 24 2017 on elections in Africa, particularly paragraph 11 urging political parties to desist from resorting to the use of violence as a way of expressing their disaffection over the outcomes of elections, but rather to make use of available legal channels in resolving elections related disputes.”

By Pharis Kinyua. He’s an online Journalist and an author for Jamhuri News