Aukot ‘dethrones’ Raila, pronounces himself official opposition leader

Thirdway Alliance Presidential Candidate Dr Ekuru Aukot []

Thirdway Alliance Presidential candidate Dr. Ekuru Aukot has dethroned Raila Odinga as the official opposition leader.

Dr Aukot has proclaimed himself and his party as the official opposition outfit.

On Monday moments after President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner of the October 26 repeat Presidential election, Dr Aukot congratulated him and made the announcement.

“Today we take our role as the official opposition and to President @Ukenyatta congratulations, we shall put your government into check,” he tweeted.

Aukot came in third in the repeat polls with 21, 333 votes. Uhuru took the lead with 7, 483, 895 votes while Raila Odinga came in second with 73, 228 votes.

Despite Raila’s name being in the ballot, he had withdrawn from the race. He said he does not recognize the repeat elections.

This, according to Dr Aukot shows that NASA abandoned its opposition role which squarely lies in his hands now.

“While we might have come a distant third, we will play an effective opposition role now that the other outfit abandoned the role,” he said in his concession speech according to Nairobi News.

Gatundu South MP on Monday evening also called for declaration of Dr Aukot as the official opposition leader.

“Since Raila Odinga was number 2, Since Raila Odinga had done some sorts of PIC- Political Coitus Interruptus by withdrawing, it is now my singular duty and honour to declare number 3 Mr Ekuru Aukot as the leader of opposition,” the Gatundu South lawmaker wrote on facebook.