Australian police probing death of Kenyan woman, two children

Anne Wachera Muhoro, her two children, Ezvin Munene Mugera (8) and Furaha (5). [courtesy]

Police in Australia are investigating the tragic death of a 45-year old Kenyan woman together with her two kids at their home in Canberra.

Anne Wachera Muhoro, her two children, Ezvin Munene Mugera (8) and Furaha (5) reportedly died on the morning of February 19 after their house in Bonner caught fire in what many say was quite mysterious.

Australian authorities have now appealed to anyone with information to share it with them.

According to Daily Nation, the Australian police are in particular urging anyone with dash-cam footage from the estate between February 18 and 8.45 am on Monday, February 19 to share it with them.

Preliminary investigations by Australian police have pointed to a possibility of the fire being “deliberately lit”.

Detective Superintendent Scott Moller has promised to follow all leads to get to the bottom of the matter.

He had earlier told an Australian media outlet that they are exploring the likelihood of the three persons having died before the fire engulfed their home.

So far, just one arrest was made but the man was later released. It is not yet clear if the matter is being handled as a murder or murder-suicide.

Ms Muhoro, who worked as a Software Engineer in Canberra was on the fateful Monday scheduled to attend a child custody hearing at 11.30 am at the Family Court but never showed up.

The father of the kids was seeking to change custody arrangements.

According to, in 2011, a man identified as George Munene and with a profile name George Low, filed an online petition with the website against one Anne Wachera Muhoro-his estranged wife, protesting denial of 50/50 child custody of their son, Ezvin Munene Mugera who was at the time just two-and-a-half years old.

“Custody battles are rife and allegations of domestic violence have been misused (by a few women) to gain an upper hand in custody and property settlement battles,” his petition read in part.

He also lamented of losing his home which cost him a total of which cost AUD0.6 million (Sh47.7 million).