Autopsy report shows KBC journalist Better Barasa was assassinated

Betty Barasa
Betty Barasa, a KBC journalist who was killed at her Ololua home in Ngong. [Photo: Courtesy]

Police probing the death of a KBC senior video editor-cum-journalist Betty Barasa cite that preliminary findings show that her death may have been an assassination attempt.

DCI detectives probing the case say that there are pointers the thugs who waylaid her and stormed her house were under instructions to kill her.

An autopsy conducted showed that she was shot once in the head, a point-blank shot. The report indicated that the bullet was lodged in her head.

The bullet was retrieved for forensic analysis.

Betty was had just returned home on Wednesday evening from her work. She left the office at 8pm and drove towards her Ololua home in Ngong.

While waiting for the gate to be opened, three armed men who are believed to have been hiding at an adjacent house under construction pounced on her and led her to the house where her husband and children were.

Her house help who was opening the gate for her together with one of her kids hid from the things who took five minutes looking for her but did not find her.

The killers had AK47 rifles. They entered her house and headed straight to the living room where two of the gunmen kept watch of the other family members while the third one accompanied Betty upstairs.

Moments later, gunshots were heard upstairs before the gunman who had accompanied Betty emerged alone and quickly confiscated her laptop and phone.

They left in a rush. Betty was shot twice in the head at close range

Sleuths from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) were dispatched to the scene.

A DCI detective probing the case says one of the witnesses who was hiding in the house overheard the thug that shot Betty in her bedroom saying that they have shot her.

“Sisi tumetumbua,” he said in sheng meaning “we have killed her”.

Police are working in establishing who the robbers may have contacted while at the scene.