Baringo man caught red-handed ‘defiling’ a cow lynched

Joseph Koech alias Mnandi after he was pounced on having sex with a cow in Siwach forest. []

Angry residents from Baringo on Sunday lynched a man whom they caught engaging in an unnatural act with a cow.

The 25-year old identified as Joseph Koech alias Mnandi, was caught flat-footed in the act on Sunday morning at Tinet-Sawich village, Eldama-Ravine.

In his defense, he said he always has sex with the cow because he fears engaging in the act with a girl for fear of contracting HIV because most women, he said, “have HIV”.

“I always have sex with the cow whenever I feel like because I fear girls might infect me with HIV,” he begged for his life which was at the mercy of angry villagers according to the Star.

He even offered to pay for his crime by giving his land.

“Don’t kill me, let me surrender my piece of land to pay for the cow,” begged Mnandi.

But his pleas fell on deaf ears as infuriated youths descended on him with kicks and blows, others stoning him before they set him on fire.

He was later rushed to Eldama-Ravine level four Hospital in critical condition and he passed on moments later.

The deceased according to Torongo location Chief Edwin Ronoh, worked as a casual laborer at a sawmill in Sawich forest.

The cow which Mnandi was defiling was being searched for by locals in Sawich forest.

But they found it-its horns and rear legs tied up on a tree by the deceased.

“I rushed to the scene with two AP officers to rescue the victim and we rushed him to Eldama-Ravine hospital but unfortunately he died shortly later.

You should either report to the village elders, nearest chief or police station so that action is taken,” he cautioned residents.