Ben Githae to Kenyans: I sang ‘Tano Tena’ to make money, don’t blame me

Kikuyu gospel singer Ben Githae. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kikuyu gospel artiste Ben Githae is no longer taking bullets from Kenyans over his support of the Jubilee government in the run-up to the 2017 polls.

Githae’s song ‘Tano Tena’ became a national anthem and was widely played in the campaign of the highly contested elections between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga who vied on the National Super Alliance (NASA) ticket.

He recently spoke to comedian Jalango on ‘Bonga na Jalas’ show. Githae said that he was only doing business as an artist and Kenyans should not blame him.

Githae has been a hot subject of debate for the past month as Kenyans speak against the continued increase in the cost of living under the Jubilee regime.

Kenyans have bashed him for allegedly supporting the Jubilee administration come back for a second through his song that was part of Jubilee campaigns.

Githae told Jalango that he has developed a thick skin and nothing about him will change even as he gets insults from disgruntled Kenyans.

“Even if they insult me, I will remain Ben Githae. As you can see, they insult me but I have remained a healthy and stress- free person,” he said.

He noted that if another opportunity presents itself, he will not think twice about getting to the studio.

“If it reaches a point where I have to go to studio and sing for it, you will find me there whether people like it or not,” Githae remarked.
Githae said that if he lands another job to campaign for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), he will not hesitate.

For him, it is about earning an honest livelihood that has nothing to do with the decisions made thereafter by the administration in power.

”If you don’t work for yourself and put blames on Ben Githae, you will die poor. I did my job and I was paid. You should also do your part and get paid. Make a difference in solving the problems in this country and across the world.”