Billionaire Chris Kirubi reveals why he never invested in Kisumu

Raila Odinga with Chris Kirubi in Lorehso, Nairobi. []

Industrialist Chris Kirubi has for the first time spoken on why he has held back for years from investing in Nyanza, an opposition stronghold.

Yesterday, Kirubi told opposition leader Raila Odinga who visited him at his Loresho home in Nairobi that political instability rocking the region every five years after general elections deterred him.

However, noted Kirubi, with efforts between Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta to forge unity among Kenyans, he is ready to invest in Kisumu.

“I will be one of the investors in Kisumu…but investors don’t invest in cycles. We want long-term peace,” said Kirubi according to Capital Business.

He added that “Kisumu has such huge potential, more than anywhere else because it has a big lake. Let us invest in Kisumu and allow it to grow.”

The business magnate said for this to happen, “investors must be given confidence”.

On his part, Odinga said his vision is uniting Kenyans and ensuring investments can be created around the country without fear.

“If every Kenyan can move around the country freely and be able to realize their potential, I will feel that I would have lived a useful life in the country,” Raila said.