Bishop Wanjiru US-based pastor son thanks Kenyans for their prayers on ailing mum

Evans Kariuki
Bishop Margaret Wanjiru US-based pastor son Evans Kariuki. [Photo courtesy]

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s son, US-based Kenyan Reverend Evans Kariuki has thanked Kenyans for praying for her mother who contracted coronavirus a week ago.

“I want to say thank you for everyone who has been sending a message and I want to say specifically that as we send these messages, let us speak faith, he stated on his YouTube channel.

He said that COVID-19 pandemic is here because of sin adding that the “remnant’ generation should decipher this and turn back from sin.

“In this season, God is looking for a remnant generation that believes beyond beliefs and a remnant generation that realizes that the reason why the world is where it is today is one reason and one reason only; a three-letter word, sin”.

“Sin is the reason all these things are happening. It’s time as a people, as a nation turns to God. Even as you pray for my family, as you pray for us all; pray for yourself,” he opined.

Bishop Wanjiru, a former Starehe MP is among the high-profile Kenyans who have contracted coronavirus.

She reportedly said to have held a gathering of 18 people from her Jesus is Alive Ministries at her house in Runda before she was taken ill.

Her condition at the time was so critical that it saw her wheeled to the ICU. Hitherto, she is in stable condition according to close family sources.

Out of the 18 people who had attended the gathering in her house, eight of them tested positive for COVID-19