Bob Mwiti, the US-based Kenyan helping IT students live the American dream

Bob Mwiti
Bob Mwiti, a Kenyan based in the US. [Photo: Courtesy]

Eleven years ago, Bob Mwiti left Kenya for the US to pursue his Master’s degree. It was a dream come true for him to finally set foot on US soil.

What he did not know is that employment opportunities were not as easy as he thought; it was difficult for him with his education level. 

This is what would shape his flagship project the Kenya Airlift Program.

The program helps Kenyans who would wish to pursue a Master’s degree in IT-related courses in the US.

“I know there is a lot of Kenyans out there who may want to come and study here in the US but it’s very very expensive for them. Now if you are one of those Kenyans who may want to come and study IT-related Master’s programs here in the US, I am talking to you,” Mwiti offers.

Under the Kenya Airlift Program, successful applicants must have an Upper-class division, scored at least a B plain in KCSE. In turn, they get full funding to fund their course.

“You don’t really have to worry about the funding because we will source that for you in terms of graduate assistance awards and unsecured international student loans,” Mwiti who resides in Tampa, Florida says.

Born in Meru, Mwiti always wanted to further his education abroad. He unsuccessfully applied for a British Visa four times in eight years.

When he finally made it to the US and graduated, he discovered that there were a lot of challenges facing immigrants with a passion for education. The fact that he failed to secure a job after graduating with a Master’s degree opened his eyes to take up IT training.

“After I graduated from university here in the US, I could not easily find a job just like most student immigrants who come to study in the US. Through hard work and sheer determination, I found a breakthrough after I trained on high-income IT skills that are highly marketable here in the United states. I was able to find a Job as a Systems Analyst/Consultant working for fortune 500 companies.

“It’s because of the challenges that I faced as an international student here in America, that I founded my organization to primarily help international students like you and other immigrants from across the world find amazing education and IT opportunities that are abundant here in USA that a lot of people struggle to find because of lack of information,” he notes.

Under the Kenya Airlift Program, the beneficiaries also get help in acquiring well-paying jobs in the US upon graduation.