May 22, 2018

Boniface Mwangi concedes defeat, wishes Jaguar well

Nairobi, Kenya: By Pharis Kinyua | Jamhuri News

Ukweli Party MP Aspirant for Starehe Constituency Boniface Mwangi has conceded defeat by Jubilee Charles Kanyi Njagua alias “Jaguar”.

Jaguar by mid morning was leading with 59, 954 votes against Mwangi’s 15, 540.

In his concession speech posted on facebook, Mwangi said he respects the will of Starehe people as they have spoken through the ballot.

“The people of Starehe have spoken and I respect their decision. To the Starehe MP-elect, I wish you all the best,” he wrote on Wednesday.

He thanked all those who voted for him and those who supported his campaign.

“We get the future we fight for. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who supported me in this race… The thousands of Kenyans, who funded my campaign, thank you.”

“To all Kenyans who voted for me, thank you for believing in me and demonstrating your hope for building a better Kenya.”

He also said that he has hope that in 2022; one can run for an elective seat based on issues and not on tribal affiliations.

“It gives me hope that in 2022, matters of the tribe and political party allegiance will no longer be a big deal, as long as you run on issues.”

ODM’s Steve Mbogo who was also running for the seat came in second with 37, 599votes.