Brenda, Kenya’s first recovered COVID-19 patient calls for personal responsibility as Uhuru lauds her bravery

Brenda, Kenya's first healed COVID-19 patient. [Photo courtesy]

For Kenya’s first recovered COVID-19 patient only identified as Brenda, hope is what kept her going throughout her isolated treatment period.

Brenda who is completely healed spoke to President Uhuru Kenyatta via video conferencing at Afya House on Wednesday together with the second recovered patient, Brian. Brian contracted COVID-19 from Brenda upon her return.

Brenda in her chat with the president said she left Kenya for the US on December 19, 2019. She supposes that she may have contracted the virus in London on her way back but only knew of it once she was back in Kenya.

She developed a cough and then a headache when she decided to get checked at Mbagathi Hospital.

“I may have contracted the virus in London. A few days after my arrival I started coughing and I decided to watch my body for a day. I then went to Mbagathi Hospital where I was immediately given a mask. I underwent various tests and later I was informed that I had tested positive for Coronavirus,” Brenda stated.

With an undertone of gratefulness, she thanked the medical team at Mbagathi Hospital who took care of her in a period she described as “stressful”.

“It was not an easy thing because the nurses were also under pressure since I was the first patient and they had not seen this before, the doctors as well.”

She urged Kenyans to be responsible and get checked in the hospital should they develop COVID-19 symptoms adding “be confident” because the disease is manageable and curable.

The president on his part lauded Brenda saying Kenya is proud of her for taking precautionary measures in getting checked at the hospital when she developed symptoms for coronavirus.

“We are celebrating your bravery…you were able to limit your contacts and identify them and trace them and there is no single death. You are a very wonderful and brave girl,” Uhuru praised her.
He urged Kenyans to follow in Brenda’s steps and be responsible like she was.

He further thanked the medical team saying that “You risk your lives to save others. Do not think your work goes unappreciated and we hope through your work many more Kenyans will go to celebrate as Brenda and Brian are celebrating today.”

Kenya has so far recorded 59 COVID-19 cases.