Britain starts issuing work permits to non-graduate Kenyans

UK minister for Africa
UK minister for Africa James Duddridge. [Photo: Gov.UK]

Britain’s new points-based immigration system has kicked off allowing skilled Kenyans without a degree to obtain work permits in the United Kingdom (UK).

The new immigration rules for African immigrants came as a post-Brexit deal.

Kenyans who wish to travel to the UK will be eligible if they have attained A-level.

UK Minister for Africa James Duddridge said that Britain is upbeat that skilled African immigrants will take up job opportunities in the UK.

Duddridges while speaking to a local media said that “people who have lived and have done a bit of work” in the UK, worked for companies with links to British firms and “have a cultural appreciation of the UK society” stand to score more points under the work visa rules.”

The relaxed immigration rules for African immigrants to the UK were triggered by Britain’s decision to exit the European Union.

Britain revised its residency and trade visas which created an opportunity for skilled non-graduate Kenyans to work in the UK.

Professionals in technical courses such as plumbing and electrical works are in high demand. IT professionals and accountants also stand a higher chance to obtain a work visa.

Kenyans working for British multinationals also stand a high chance of working in Britain.

“It brings much greater clarity about what is required and …this is absolutely brilliant for Africa,” Duddridge said in an interview. “That’s good news for Africans wanting to come to Britain.”

This opens a fresh window for Kenyans who have harboured interest in the past to work in Britain but were unable due to the stringent work permit and visa rules that had been imposed.

The points-based system has a threshold of 70 points for a migrant worker to be granted a visa or work permit in the UK

The points are graded from a set of conditions among them a job offer by a reputable employer in Britain which takes 40 points.

Fluency in English gives another 10 points while the salary scale gives another 20 points to make it 70.