British model Naomi Campbell vacationing in Malindi, Kenya

Naomi Campbell
British model Naomi Campbell. [Photo: The Inquisitr]

British model Naomi Campbell has returned to Kenya once more for a private-get away vacation in Kenya’s coast of Malindi.

According to the Standard, Campbell arrived in Kenya on Tuesday and headed to the Billionaire Resort in Malindi, Kilifi County.

Billionaire Resort, a luxurious complex at the heart of Malindi is reportedly owned by Italian Flavio Briatore who is rumoured to have been in a relationship with Campbell before breaking up.

Briatore is also a former Formula One team executive.

However, the sassy model-cum-businesswoman has not said much about her visit and prefers to stay off the lenses from the media as she enjoys her third visit to Kenya.

In her second visit to Kenya in 2018, she was shooting a project for British Vogue. She came at a time when the UK had issued travel advisories against Kenya claiming it was under imminent attack by Somali-based militants Al-Shabaab.

But, Campbell ignored this alert and proceeded to shoot her project together with her 13 crew members.

She later stated that: “Many people discouraged me from coming to Kenya, saying the country was not yet safe to visit. But, I insisted that I would come; and here I am. I feel quite safe. I didn’t feel anything different from the way I have felt during my previous visits. There is tranquillity here. People should not shy away from visiting Kenya. Life in Kenya is natural and beautiful.”

Her 2018 visit would, however, trigger a divisive debate over her nude photos but she had no apologies for this.

She said that “It’s taken me a long time to feel right in my body – it’s something that has come with age, and has really only happened over the past few years.”

Her visit comes a week after American RnB superstar Ashanti’s visit. Ashanti jetted into the country on December 7 and proceeded to Hemingways Hotel in Karen, Nairobi.

She later visited the iconic Nairobi National Park