Bungoma woman ”stuck to boyfriend” after husband used witchcraft on them (Video)

A new case of a cheating spouse being nabbed through witchcraft has emerged in Bungoma. A man who has been married to his wife for five years used the charm to catch his wife in bed with another man.

“I went to Mama Kasimbila, who gave me medicine to make them get stuck. It has worked so well. I have caught them red-handed,” said Mike, the husband.

A curious crowd gathered around the hotel where the two were engaging in illicit sex to witness what they called the ”powerful charm” that got the two ”stuck together”.

Mike said he spent Sh3,000 ($30) for the charm that ”glued the two” for three hours before they were paraded through the village streets naked to a second witch who released them.

“I have been married to this woman for five years. I suspected she is cheating on me. On Saturday I asked help from Mama.” said Mike

One resident identified as Nancy Nasike demanded action to be taken against the woman for ”ridiculing Bungoma women”. “This is a married woman. She is supposed to respect her husband. She has children too,” she added.

The couple was humiliated as they were forced to walk on the streets of Bungoma naked as the public recorded the scene with their smartphones.

The woman tried to hide under a bed sheet, while the man seemed less bothered as the pair are wheeled along on a wooden cart.

In 2015, another couple made headlines worldwide after they got stuck while making love at a lodging in Embu county.