February 22, 2019

Caroline Kamau of Massachusetts to address domestic violence in the diaspora during 2018 International Human Rights Summit in NY

Carol Kamau is set to address the International Human Rights Summit on July 5th - 7th, 2018 in New York.

Caroline Kamau is the president of Miss Kenya USA pageant and has been involved in various humanitarian causes since her break in 2015 after contesting for Miss Kenya USA.

Although Ms. Kamau didn’t get the crown, that did not deter her from continuing with her dream of curbing domestic violence in the diaspora and beyond.

Ms. Kamau will be a Kenyan delegate at the 15th Annual International Human Rights Summit on July 5th – 7th, 2018 in New York.  She will be discussing domestic violence with a focus on Kenyans in the diaspora.

She represented Kenya at the humanitarian pageant, Miss culture USA in 2016, where she was awarded the miss humanitarian sash; having worked as a volunteer with organizations in NYC that help women, men, and children affected by domestic violence.

Miss Kamau has worked with organizations such as “Hunks For Hope”, an organization started by a domestic violence survivor which has men who help create awareness on domestic violence. She has also been a supporter at a shelter and home to single women survivors in Brooklyn NY.

Her take on Domestic Violence:

Ms. Kamau said that Domestic Violence is an epidemic and she strongly believes it can come to an end.

”Most people are not aware of violence in a home, and I look forward to creating awareness through educating the public on signs of abuse, promoting healthy relationships and discouraging those who shame the victims” Ms. Kamau told Jamhuri News.

She continued to say that there is dire need to start the conversation and spread it through local organizations such as churches, where she believes the topic should be addressed regularly.

”My current mission is to visit the domestic violence centers here in Massachusetts and get all the information that could help victims in our community. I also plan to reach out to church leaders asking them to create an open channel for the discussion” She added.

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The Summit

The annual International Human Rights Summit takes place at the United Nations and involves youth delegates from all over the world who have impacted the world through their humanitarian work.

The Summit will feature the 2018 Human Rights Hero Awards, acknowledging those whose courage and determination has raised the bar on human rights in their respective nations and communities.

As a delegate, Ms. Kamau will represent Kenya and focus her agenda on the diaspora community which has seen a sharp increase in domestic violence cases in the recent past.

At the summit, each delegate is required to discuss their humanitarian work and any planned future work or projects they are working on.

The public can attend the summit, but they would need to get a free ticket on Eventbrite and wait for a confirmation. The deadline to get tickets for the public is June 22nd at 5pm.

It will take place at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

For more information, Ms. Kamau can be reached by email at naseriand@yahoo.com, Or Facebook as naserian kamau and Instagram as naserian kamau

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