City tout collects wallet with Sh30, 000 and returns it

Daniel Mwaura, a tout wth Ganaki Sacco that operates between CBD ad Gachie in Kiambu County. [courtesy]

Talk of a tout operating within Nairobi’s CBD and the first thing that pops in many people’s mind is a ruthless and arrogant human being.

But as they say, the stereotype could be misleading and tarnishing the name of the good men and women operating as touts in the matatu industry because of just a handful of arrogant touts.

For one young man working with Ganaki Sacco operating between the CBD and Gachie in Kiambu, he is one of the honest touts Kenyans could ever come across.

On April 11, while in the course of his business, Daniel Mwaura, a tout working Ganaki Sacco-KCC 997E- stumbled upon a wallet dropped by a passenger and in it was Sh30, 000. Contrary to what would be expected, the humble man collected the wallet and informed the sacco’s management in Gachie.

Mwaura told Joseph Muniu who mans the sacco’s point at Gachie to direct anyone who asks for the wallet to him. However, two days passed without anyone asking for the wallet.

On the third day though, he decided to take the wallet and its contents to Ganaki head offices in Nairobi when a man alleging to have lost a wallet appeared.

Stanley Kaberi from Ndumberi in Kiambu claimed to be the owner of the wallet. He simply asked for a wallet with his documentation and he never mentioned about the money because he thought it was all gone.

Kaberi was linked to Mwaura via phone. “I asked him if he had seen an ID card in the wallet reading Stanley Kaberi from Ikinu in Githunguri,” said Kaberi.

Mwaura hesitated in answering the question but enquired further if there was anything else in the wallet when Kaberi said he had Sh30, 000 meant to settle his child’s hospital bill.

“It’s in the office,” Mwaura told Kaberi. “Just ask the secretary to hand it over to you. You left it in the bus.”

Kaberi could not believe it that his money was still intact. He offered a reward to Mwaura but his response was yet again humbling.

“Sort out the child bill first.  We can talk about me later. Your child needs the assistance first,” he humbly told Kaberi.

This is the latest act by matatu crew that has warmed the hearts of Kenyans.

Last month, another crew plying Githurai 44 route helped an expectant mother deliver aboard and later rushed her and the new born to hospital.

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