Clean up your social media accounts, you deserve better

By Sylvia Karimi- Jamhuri News

Sometimes you may find yourself wallowing in anger and bitterness after reading a post or comment on social media. You have possibly been in a virtual war with a Facebook friend/follower. Before you hastily delete your social media account, try these tips.

Bad Vibes

Some days it feels like the whole world is against you. You might be minding your own business browsing the net then you come across an image, post or comment that does not auger well with you. While some people just desire to infuriate others, others wish to impose their political, personal or religious beliefs on people. The best way to go about such is to ignore, block or unfollow people who ruin your day. You need to neutralize the negativity on your news feed by letting only positive vibes flow. Do yourself the favor and eliminate all these elements from your social media accounts.

Fake news

With the ease of creating blogs and social media accounts, there has been a steady increase in the spread of untrue content. Fake news is on the rise as the owners of such accounts prey on naïve followers to spread gossip, hatred or lure them to their sites for clicks. Do not fall for such traps. The most common of these fake news site have tantalizing topics and unrelated content. Verify the credibility of such sites. If you already know that most of what the sites churn out are gutter content, no need to read into garbage. As you know, garbage in, garbage out. You should fill your brain with healthy, smart content that makes you an informed person instead of following gutter press sites that only benefit from impressions.


Have you even seen these people who enjoy torturing us with the same copy and paste content advertising for products or services? They do not know when to stop. The most notorious of these are weight loss ”doctors” and publiclikes agents….yes, those ”type amen” posts are all a bluff! Again, the trick with getting rid of these nuisances is to block, block and block. You do not need to read about how you can make $3000 in one day from someone who clearly does not have such money themselves.


With the rise of social media came the rise of online shops. Most of these are an absolute delight as they offer convenience and value in one package. Unfortunately, this has come with an increase in the number of cons who take advantage of innocent buyers to rip off a shilling or two. To avoid falling prey to such scammers, use your best judgment before buying from shops that have bad ratings. You can tell this by reading customer reviews. Also, do not entertain strangers in your inbox. The scammers use pseudo accounts to catfish and steal from unsuspecting social media users. Be vigilant and do not pay for anything you have not seen.

Armed with these tricks, you can clean up your social media accounts and continue to enjoy healthy, fun interaction with like-minded people.

About the Author: Sylvia is a Bachelor of laws, LLB graduate from Kabarak University, and an author at Jamhuri News