Condom billboard with explicit message pulled down after public outcry in Nairobi

An image of the billboard []

A billboard mounted near T-Mall in Langata advertising a certain brand of condoms has been pulled down after public outcry.

Magnate Ventures, an outdoor advertising company was forced to pull down the billboard over its explicit message that seemingly, has not gone very well with some Kenyans.

The billboard seeking to advertise Kiss Condoms shows a man’s bare chest with a woman’s hand fondling his six-cube pack.

And the message in contention with Kenyans reads: “Ni Poa Dame Akicome First.”

This message according to Nairobi County Acting Secretary Leboo Ole Morintant was offensive and it prompted the county government to issue the order.

In future, according to Naiorbi News, anyone putting up such billboards with explicit messages will be held accountable going by a Bill they are working on.

“We received complaints from the public. Since we regulate billboards when the public perception on messages they carry do not go down, well we advise for their removal,” said the county’s Urban Planning Chief Officer Justus Kathenge.

This the second controversy surrounding condom companies after another billboard was pulled down in 2013 near the Consolata Shrine in Nairobi.

A US based organization-Catholics for Choice (CFC) had put up the bill board advocating for use of condoms.

On its message considered to be offensive to Catholics, it read: “We believe in God, we believe that sex is sacred, we believe in caring for each other, we believe in using condoms and good Catholics use condoms.”