Constituents threaten to recall Siaya MCA for allegedly running ward from Germany

West Asembo MCA Ambrose Akuno []

A Member of County Assembly for Siaya has come under fire from his constituents who accuse him of abandoning them to run business in Germany.

West Asembo Ward MCA Ambrose Auma Akuno has reportedly been in and out of the country to Germany where he has business interests.

His constituents say that he has neglected his legislative duties at their expense and is busy attending to his personal business in Germany.

However, Akuno refuted the claims terming them as a falsehood being propagated by quarters outto tarnish his name.

“The People of West Asembo entrusted me with leadership and that’s why they voted for me. I have a vision for my people and it doesn’t matter whether they see me in the village everyday as long as their issues are handled appropriately,” Akuono said according to the Standard.

He added that every time he is out of the country, he does so with the approval of Siaya County Assembly Speaker.

“I might not be in the village but that doesn’t mean that I am out of the country.”

He said even before he was elected MCA, he funded many development projects in his area of jurisdiction using his own money. He dared those threatening to recall him to do so.

“It is the interest and vision that I have for the people of my ward that makes me spend my own money on various projects. This is more than what I am being paid as an MCA,” he retorted adding it is impossible to be with the electorate every time.

“The problem is that many people view the ward as a one-man office. That is why if they do not have direct audience with the MCA, they feel irritated,” said  Akuno.

“It is important to know that the ward is an institution. The staff in the ward offices can also handle their needs if the MCA has other commitments.”

The County Assembly’s Speaker George Okode defended the MCA who is a member of three committees in the Assembly saying he performs his duties diligently.

“As far as I am concerned, the MCA has been dispensing his duties both in and out of the House,” offered the Speaker.

As far as I am concerned, the MCA has been dispensing his duties both in and out of the House

The office of a County Assembly, states Article 194 (1b) of the Constitution, becomes vacant if the member is absent from eight sittings of the assembly without permission, in writing, to the Speaker of the County Assembly, and is unable to offer satisfactory explanation for the absence.