Coronavirus: Kenyan Insurance firm offering Sh2,500 daily to quarantined clients starting April 1

Prudential Kenya CEO Raxit Soni. [Photo courtesy]

Persons subjected to the mandatory 14-day quarantine and are Prudential Life Assurance Kenya clients will get a cash payout of Sh2,500 daily for the period they are in quarantine starting April 1.

For those who test positive for COVID-19, the firm is giving a one-off payment of Sh10, 000 to the client turned patient.

Further, clients who are admitted in hospital after testing positive will get Sh2, 500 for every night spent on the hospital bed and they get Sh5,000 should they be confined to the intensive care unit (ICU).

The benefits are only eligible to Prudential Assurance clients with policies. Additionally, only those who are quarantined in government or other designated quarantine facilities by the government will get the benefits.

If any of Prudential policyholders quarantines at home, voluntarily or under duress by the State, he/she does not get the benefits by the firm.

Prudential Africa CEO Matt Lilley said the move by the firm is geared towards reassuring their clients that they care about their wellness and health.

“We have been delivering promises for over 170 years. I am proud of the measures we are announcing today and know that they will provide our customers with peace of mind,” Lilley remarked.

Prudential Kenya CEO Raxit Soni maintained that this is a way for the company to give support to Kenyans during this trying moment.

Prudential’s move is a wakeup call to other insurance firms known for taking a backseat in the event a pandemic strikes.