Court declares ‘muratina’ legal during traditional ceremonies

Revelers enjoying muratina in the past. []

Kenyans, especially those from Central region and that enjoy the traditionally brewed drink Muratina, are a happy lot after the court declared the brew a legal alcoholic beverage during traditional ceremonies.

Muratina is a special drink common in the Kikuyu culture.

Kikuyu Principal Magistrate D.N Musyoka in March ruled that brewing and drinking of muratina on traditional ceremonies is alright.

He said the Constitution has the mandate to protect the rights of cultures of all tribes in the country where brewing and drinking of muratina fall in.

“They have to celebrate their traditional rites of passage through various ways and muratina (agikuyu traditional brew) must form part of the celebrations,” said he magistrate in his ruling according to Nairobi News.

However, Musyoka was categorical that muratina was only allowed during traditional Kikuyu ceremonies.

The judgment followed a case pitting John Ndungu Mbiyu, a muratina brewer, against the state.

Mbiyu had been arrested and arraigned in court after he was found brewing the traditional drink following a contract by the Kikuyu elders’ council better known as “Kiama Kia Ma” to brew the drink which traditionally, is enjoyed by Kikuyu men.

The magistrate found Mbiyu in no offense and released him together with the confiscated brew which had been presented before the court as evidence.

The bail that Mbiyu had earlier posted to secure his release was also returned.