Daddy Owen marriage drama: I have battled depression for three years

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen with Faridah Wambui. [Photo: Courtesy]

For the last three years, gospel star Daddy Owen has been battling depression from his troubled marriage.

Sources told Word is that even news of his separation with his estranged wife Faridah Wambui broke, she had moved out of their home in November 2020.

A close family friend said the last nail in Owen’s coffin was when he received news of his that his wife was spotted at a posh Naivasha hotel getting engaged to a tycoon.

Daddy Owen confessed that since 2019, he has been battling depression.

“I have been suppressing and thinking that I would be fine until when the side-effects started showing,” he said.

He said that those he spoke to about his problems thought he was going crazy.

“Those I tried to explain to my problems to thought I was mad. Others told me to be a man. But in the long run, I had to dig the problem and face it.”

He explained that he has had counselling sessions and he discovered that his biggest challenge was that he was in denial and thought he would come of it as a man.

The gospel singer said that he has received support from immediate family members and friends.

He did not say anything much about his marriage saying that it is not right to talk about it given that they already have children with Faridah.

It has not been an easy ride with hopelessness at the top but he has learnt to trust in the process.

“When you become hopeless, you even fear getting a psychiatrist since you do not trust anyone. That was a wrong move but I thank God I came out and I can now feel relieved.”

Faridah is yet to comment on the issue despite it being a hot subject on social media for the past few weeks.

The two held a grand wedding years ago and Kenyans couldn’t help but praise Owen for finally getting his better half.

Faridah remained in the shadows though she was married to a celebrity. It was not until the breakup rumours that much was talked about her.