DCI pursuing officers who compromised Caroline Kangogo’s investigations

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) are pursuing a clique of detectives who reportedly compromised investigations on the murder cases committed by Caroline Kangogo.

The detectives from DCI headquarters in Kiambu will probe the officers.

In a statement on Monday, DCI said that the officers leaked evidence and crucial leads when they were pursuing Caroline.

They say that this tarnished the image of the unit, especially by eroding public trust.

“We have recently received information that police officers are sharing sensitive information that compromises investigations through social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

“Example is the late Police Corporal (W) Caroline Kangogo… thus jeopardising the case and putting the DCI in disrepute in the eyes of the public,” DCI lamented.

According to the circular, those found guilty will be subjected to serious disciplinary sanctions, including dismissal from the service.

Sub-County Criminal Investigations Officers (CIOs) were reminded that all murder cases investigations are under their jurisdiction and form their core roles in the service.
The CIOs will be held solely responsible for any investigation irregularities.
“Officers are hereby warned to maintain professionalism and ethics at all times and desist from such acts. This message should be cascaded to the lowest officer under your command,” DCI ordered Regional Criminal Investigations Officers (CIOs) and all DCI directors.

Caroline was reported dead on Friday last week after nearly two weeks of her search.

The late corporal was wanted for the murder of Constable John Ongweno stationed in Kasarani Police Station and Peter Ndwiga, who ran a security firm.

On Caroline’s murder, DCI said they are investigating her death which sections of the public ruled out suicide as it was reported.

This is despite her father, Barnaba Kibor, ascertaining that her daughter shot herself on the head.

She will be buried on Saturday against her wish to be cremated.