Deceased Churchill Show comedian Othuol Othuol struggled with TB, alcohol addiction

Othuol Othuol
Churchill Show comedian Othuol Othuol. [Photo: Courtesy]

When news of Churchill Show comedian Maurice Onyango alias Othuol Othuol’s death broke late Sunday evening, Kenyans were shocked.

It was hard to imagine that the show would no longer have this talented mind who was battling a brain tumour.

With his death, came all sort of blames on his colleagues in the entertainment industry who were purportedly said to have abandoned him when he needed their support.

It all started with a screenshot on social media alleging that Othuol’s appeal for Sh15,000 for a scan went unanswered.

However, comedian Captain Otoyo (Kazungu Matano) who had been very close with Othuol discounted these claims and explained how he, together with Felix Oduor alias Jalang’o and Sandra Dacha – actress – supported Othuol at a time he was at his lowest battling tuberculosis.

Otoyo recalled a tough journey when the deceased decided to abandon his 60-day TB treatment and went back to binge drinking.

They realized this after 30 days but they never got tired of helping him.

“The three of us went and did hid his shopping as well as rallied our fellow comedians to help raise funds for his medical expenses. I read on blogs people weren’t there for Othuol, we were there for him,” Otoyo told Milele FM during an interview on Thursday.

Othuol who always brought laughter on the screens had no permanent job and wold get paid per show on Churchill. Life wasn’t rosy for him.

He had to look for means of survival which is when he landed an acting role on Auntie Boss but was later diagnosed with a brain tumour at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

He has been in and out of hospital since then. He had troubles in walking and was unable to stand for long. 

His funeral will be held on October 25 at his rural home in Siaya County.

Fellow comedians have budgeted Ksh1 million to give him a befitting sendoff.