Depression, revenge, bitterness; Silent battles party-loving Caroline Kangogo fought

Caroline Kangogo
Caroline Kangogo. [Photo: Courtesy]

When reports of the second murder of Caroline Kangogo’s victim hit the headlines, there was speculation that she was on a revenge mission.

And as it turned out, Peter Ndwiga’s death was a revenge mission.

In a confession drafted on her phone recovered by police after her alleged suicide mission at her parents’ home in Keiyo, she narrates a picture of a woman who was stressed.

Caroline wrote she had no regrets killing Ndwiga because he swindled her Ksh1.5 million “and he was arrogant she asked about it,” yet he bought a new car reportedly from the money.

But, Ndwiga and Caroline had a long-running history. They have been more than friends for years and lived together at the Kasarani Police Station quarters some time back.

They were business partners, but Ndwiga may have outsmarted her, which is why she had no regrets about killing him.

However, Caroline opened up the bitterness she harbored with her life stemming from her divorce.

In the draft notes, she said her father disowned her after her failed marriage to ‘Ngeno’ the father of her two kids.

She said her family believed him more than her any time he called home about a marital dispute.

The deceased said she tracked him down for one week in Mombasa where he is stationed, and saw him with different women – mostly cops.

She intended to finish him off, but she remembered their two kids and decided to forgive him so that they can have a parent to bring them up when she is gone.

Caroline confessed her depression started after her separation with her husband. Her family turning against her triggered the other side of her.

Her colleagues described her as a party machine and a woman with a string of affairs which always ended in drama, sometimes in near death experience for her ex-lovers.

At the Kasarani Police Station in Nakuru, those who knew her well discouraged male officers from having a relationship with her because it always ended badly.

The late Constable John Ongweno was warned about it all, but he fell into her trap a few months after being posted to Kasarani from Kericho.

At work, she accused her OCS of sexually harassing her and unending frustration after turning him down.

Her death has evoked more questions than answers, with a section of Kenyans doubting that she shot herself.